Statement of financial position

Before appropriation of result, all amounts in € thousands

As at 31 DecemberNote20142013
Non-current assets   
Investment property122,561,3542,535,854
Investment property under construction1365,89657,213
Other non-current receivables - -
Current assets   
Trade and other current receivables142,3593,456
Cash and cash equivalents1598,11612,481
Total assets 2,727,7252,609,004
Equity and liabilities   
Equity attributable to the owners of the Fund   
Issued capital 1,043,2651,010,353
Share premium 1,611,6351,560,547
Revaluation reserve 43,69428,712
Retained earnings (116,465)941
Net result for the year 133,154(941)
Total equity162,715,2832,599,612
Current liabilities   
Trade and other payables1712,4429,392
Total liabilities 12,4429,392
Total equity and liabilities 2,727,7252,609,004
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