22 Remuneration

Bouwinvest is the manager and the Statutory Director of the Fund. The management fee paid for the year 2014 amounted to € 13.3 million (2013: € 13.2 million).

In consideration of the management activities with respect to the Fund, Bouwinvest receives an annual management fee equal to 0.50% (exclusive of VAT) of the Fund’s net asset value in accordance with the valuation methods of the Fund. The management fee is payable quarterly in advance.

During the reporting period, the manager, Bouwinvest, is responsible for eight entities of which the Residential, Office and Retail Fund are under supervision of the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM). The remuneration cannot be explicitly allocated per fund and is therefore not available. The remuneration, in line with the AIMFD Article 107, is disclosed in the annual report 2014 of Bouwinvest Real Estate Investment Management B.V., which is filed and public.

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