13 Investment property under construction

At the beginning of the year- -
Transfer to investment property- -
Net gain (loss) from fair value adjustments on investment property under construction(477)-
In profit or loss(477)-
In other comprehensive income- -
Transfers out of level 3- -
At the end of the year6,201-
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The Fund has an agreement with Bouwinvest Development B.V., which develops part of the investment property for the Fund. Investment property under construction relates to Valina (Amsterdam).

The total gain (loss) for the year included an unrealised loss of € 477 (2013: € nil) relating to investment property under construction that are measured at fair value at the end of the reporting period.

The investment property under construction is valued by external valuation experts.

The specifications of transfers from investments and also the transfers to investment property are set out below.

Investment property under construction at fair value6,201-
Investment property under construction at amortised cost- -
As at 31 December6,201-
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Rotterdam- -
Utrecht- -
The Hague- -
Non-core regions- -
Total investments6,201-
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