13 Acquisition expenses

Under the Fair Value model, acquisition expenses of investments under the fair value assumptions according to IFRS may be partly charged to income or equity as fair value changes at the first subsequent measurement date after acquisition. This is when the fair value at the moment of measurement is less than the total amount of the purchase value of the assets and the acquisition expenses.

This adjustment represents the impact on NAV of the capitalisation and amortisation of acquisition expenses over the period from acquisition of the specific asset to five years after initial closing.

When an asset is sold during the amortisation period, the balance of capitalised acquisition expenses is charged to the income statement in the period of sale.

When capitalising and amortising acquisition costs, a possible impairment test should be taken into account every time the adjusted NAV is calculated (when market circumstances change). It is not expected that the capitalised acquisition costs can be utilised with the sale of units of the Fund.

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