The Retail Fund at a glance

The Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Retail Fund’s focus on prime locations and daily shopping needs puts it in an excellent position to provide stable returns in the years ahead.

Fund characteristics

  • Core investment style
  • No leverage
  • 7% long-term average annual Fund return target
  • Robust governance structure
  • Investment structure for an indefinite period of time
  • Reporting in accordance with INREV standards

Fund management

Bouwinvest is the manager and Statutory Director of the Retail Fund. The Board of Directors of Bouwinvest is responsible for Bouwinvest’s long-term strategy, as well as the day-to-day management of the organisation itself and its assets under management. Bouwinvest’s Dutch Investments business unit is responsible for all real estate investments in the Netherlands. This business unit has a dedicated asset management team specialised in the retail real estate sector, with experts in acquisition and divestment, property revitalisation and letting.

Our vision on the Dutch retail real estate market

  • Retail market is changing rapidly
  • Rapidly increasing online sales
  • Regional demographic shrinkage, ageing population transforming retail landscape
  • Retail market much more competitive
  • Need for clear focus
  • Prime shopping locations and centres will withstand changes and will remain competitive and successful

Experience & Convenience

Today’s consumers are increasingly embracing the energising experience of shopping in high-quality high street fashion and lifestyle stores. At the same time, they demand easily accessible shopping centres with a wide range of daily goods right on their doorstep.

We believe that this need for high street retail experience and local daily convenience will govern the retail market in the years ahead. This makes finding and acquiring the finest locations based on these criteria more important than ever.

Optimisation strategy

The Fund aims to optimise its portfolio through:

  • Targeted acquisitions
  • Redevelopment of core assets and the disposal of non-core retail units
  • Specialised, well-positioned retail assets.
  • Focus on two decisive elements in the future of retail: Experience and Convenience.
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