6 Gross rental income and service charge income

Theoretical rent38,09040,866
Total gross rental income35,66237,620
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The future contractual rent from leases in existence on 31 December 2014, until the end of contract (accounted for on the basis of the minimum rent) can be analysed as follows:

First year40,42135,190
Second to fifth years119,019101,449
More than five year75,57455,622
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*The future contractual rent for 2014 is including the contracts for the Nieuwendijk 196 and the Damrak 70 which will be in use from the first half of 2015 respectively the fourth quarter of 2015. 

Service charge income represents € 1.9 million (2013: € 2.0 million) income receivable from tenants for the services utilities, caretakers, etc. when the Fund acts as a principal.

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