Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR strategy

Bouwinvest believes it has a responsibility to make sure that its investments meet sustainability criteria and that we operate in a responsible and ethical manner. We have always taken a long-term view and environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria play a significant role in our investment strategy. This is because we are convinced that sustainable and socially responsible investments and business operations play a key role in helping us to book stable returns from our real estate investments.

In 2014, Bouwinvest continued to integrate CSR in its business operations and divided its CSR mission and activities into three pillars:

Our CSR pillars

  1. We aim to be a reliable business partner and meet the expectations of our investors through full transparency on our CSR track record and goals.
  2. We endeavour to continuously improve the sustainability of our investment portfolio in cooperation with all our stakeholders.
  3. We aim to be a flexible, ethical and fair employer to help our people to achieve Bouwinvest’s ambitions.

In line with Bouwinvest’s CSR pillars, the Retail Fund’s sustainability strategy is focused on increasing the sustainability performance and attractiveness of its retail assets. Not only does this boost the long-term performance of the Fund’s assets, it also increases the total value of the Fund's property portfolio and creates financial and social value for all stakeholders.

Building value

Bouwinvest considers investments in sustainability from a business perspective. Energy-efficiency measures improve the competitive position of the Fund’s retail properties and add value for our stakeholders, both investors and tenants. However, Bouwinvest’s sustainability strategy extends beyond energy use to the social aspects of sustainability, such as investments to upgrade local public amenities and facilities, helping to create a pleasant environment where people can shop and meet.

We build value by addressing those issues that are important and relevant to our stakeholders, both investors (such as risk, returns, governance, stability and transparency) and tenants (such as comfort, energy use, materials and indoor climate). We engage them in constructive dialogues.

Focus on material topics

The focus of the Retail Fund's sustainability strategy is on reducing the environmental footprint of the shopping centres or retail assets in its portfolio. It does so by exerting a direct influence on the larger (public) areas of the buildings or complexes, and by investing in improvements that benefit existing and potential tenants. We actively cooperate with existing tenants on initiatives to optimise comfort and energy efficiency. We continue to work with our property managers, local authorities and tenants to provide comfortable, safe and convenient shopping areas in our retail assets. So far, six assets have been assessed or are in the process of being assessed for the ‘Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen’ safety certification.

FundGRESBOutperformance of the benchmark and retain Green Star rating
AssetEPC labelsGenerate insight into current performance and reduce operational costs; improve the quality of assets
TenantsDUO label, Green LeasesIncrease sustainability awareness among tenants, with a focus on energy use; cooperation with tenants: education and awareness
Property managersContracts and meetingsActive cooperation to achieve CSR targets
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