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Legal and capital structure

The Office Fund is structured as an investment company with variable capital, as defined in article 2:76a of the Dutch Civil Code, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its corporate seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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In the second quarter of 2014, Bouwinvest increased its share as a shareholder of the Fund. The issue of new shares to Bouwinvest has aligned the management company with the other shareholders of the Fund.

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As a result of the Fund’s fiscal investment institution (FII) status, Bouwinvest will distribute all of the Net Fiscal Realised Result to its shareholders through four quarterly interim dividend payments and one final dividend payment.

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Financial calendar

3 June 2014Payment interim dividend first quarter 2014, € 35.94 per share 2 September 2014Payment interim dividend second quarter 2014, € 37.01 per share 2 December 2014Payment interim dividend third quarter 2014, € 32.71 per

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Investor relations

Bouwinvest aims for the highest level of transparency in its communications on the financial situation, strategy, plans and other information relevant to its existing and potential investors and other stakeholders.

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