Report of the Board of Directors

Mission and strategy

Bouwinvest is an investment manager specialised in real estate for institutional investors, with assets under management of € 6.7 billion, managed by 128 professionals (fte), all of whom are based in Amsterdam.

The highlights of our organisation are:

  • Specialised investment manager
  • Roots in real estate and pensions
  • Stable, self-supporting organisation with robust governance structure
  • Checks and balances in place
  • Client-oriented organisation (tailor-made solutions)


Bouwinvest’s core business covers investment management, fund management and asset management.

Our mission

We provide a solid return on real estate investments, in a responsible way, for institutional investors and their beneficiaries. Our dedicated real estate professionals achieve this by managing Dutch core sector funds and global real estate investments.

Our strategy and goals

The management organisation’s strategy is to book growth in a controlled manner, while keeping its clients 100% satisfied.

For the period 2015-2017, this translates into the following targets:

  • Realise the targets of the Investment Plan Real Estate 2014 for bpfBOUW
  • The retention and acquisition of new clients for the Dutch sector funds
  • Gradual reduction of the management fee for bpfBOUW
  • Addition of healthcare sector real estate to the portfolio

Our market proposition: reliable real estate solutions

At Bouwinvest, everything we do is done in the full awareness that the assets we manage have been invested by pension fund participants. Everything we do is therefore based on the conviction that financial security is one of the most important principles we can have.

We provide this security by offering reliable real estate solutions. Bouwinvest does this by building a bridge between the real estate investment assignment and the various kinds of real estate open to investment. We offer reliable real estate solutions by managing a separate real estate mandate for bpfBOUW and the management of Dutch real estate funds, in which investors can participate.

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