CSR key data

Fund sustainability performance

Energy consumption

Tenant engagement


Sustainability highlights

  • GRESB 'Green Star' classification two years ahead of schedule
  • Renewable energy: 690 PV panels installed (67,458 kg CO2 reduction per annum)
  • Policy: Sustainable update standard programme of requirements and update maintenance policy
  • Refurbishment of 370 residential units (five days per unit) combined with energy-efficiency and water-saving measures

Key facts

  • Environmental Management System: 174 smart meters installed (86% of total)
  • 1,600 high-efficiency central heating boilers installed
  • 92.3% awarded a green energy label (A, B or C label)
  • Average energy index improved to 1.33 from 1.36
  • Energy consumption fell by 4.1%
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