CSR performance indicators

Social Data

BOUWINVEST20142013   20132011
Human resources   Employee survey  
Number of employees in fte (LA1)128.0122.6 Satisfaction 7.87.4
Fixed-term contract (%) (LA1)4%3% Engagement 7.67.0
Permanent contract (%) (LA1)96%97% Enthusiasm 7.06.6
Sickness ratio (LA7)2.4%2.1% Employee age groups (LA13) 2014
Employee turnover (LA2)5.0%8.4% AverageMaleFemale
Equality & Diversity   <308%92
Women (LA13)34%33% 30-4037%3713
Women in senior management (LA13)15%9% 40-5031%2418
Training and development   >5024%2012
Number of internships67 Total1359045

Environmental data

 Residential FundOffice FundRetail Fund
Energy consumption      
Total energy consumption (MWh) (EN4)8,4007,89028,69629,9967,1687,080
Energy intensity (kWh/m2) (CRE1)10.210.6150.6157.460.870.6
Total electricity consumption (MWh)8,2867,82622,14423,9873,4213,410
Total gas consumption (m3) (EN3)11,5786,482446,783435,430372,111364,418
Change total energy consumption (Like-for-Like) (EN5)- 4.1%- 4.8%- 13.8%
Scope 92 of 9516 of 1615 of 17
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions      
Total GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e) (EN16)213,57381511,7096792,217
Direct GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e) (EN16)2112815795679665
Indirect GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e) (EN16)03,5610.0110,91401,552
GHG intensity (kg CO2e/m2) (CRE3)
Change total GHG emissions (like-for-like) (EN18)- 99.6%- 92.9%- 47.0%
Scope 92 of 9516 of 1615 of 17
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 Residential FundOffice FundRetail Fund
Water consumption      
Total water consumption (EN8)38,99931,31062,15159,018639337
Water intensity (m3/m2) (CRE2)0.1190.1000.4140.3940.0250.013
Scope 64 of 6453 of 6412 of 12 4 of 10 
Waste management      
Total waste collected (tonnes) (EN22)--401388470456
Recycling rate--74.0%82.4%81.9%80.7%
Scope --8 of 8 4 of 4 
EPC labels coverage (CRE8)100%100%71%94%76%77%
Green certificates (A,B or C label)92.3%92.1%85.5%79.9%79.1%60.1%
Average energy index1.331.361.

Reporting of performance indicators

Bouwinvest reports environmental data for those assets where management control is possible (operational control approach). Data is provided for those assets where we have the authority to introduce and implement operating policies and are responsible for purchasing energy and water and handling waste. Our management control differs greatly by asset type (e.g. residential and office); these differences affect the level of influence we have over the sustainability performance of our assets. Like-for-like data and changes represents assets which have been fully owned and operational for the full 24-month period in our investment portfolio. It provides insight into the performance of an indicator over time at a constant portfolio scope. The relatively large reduction in GHG emissions is due to the compensation of carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon certificates. This is in line with Bouwinvest’s commitment to reduce the impact its operations have on climate change. Energy, emission and water intensities are reported using “shared services” as the numerator and the lettable floor area (LFA) as the denominator. “Shared services” refers to landlord-obtained consumption for common areas and any services provided to tenant areas that have not been sub-metered.
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