CSR key data

Fund sustainability performance

Energy consumption

Tenant engagement

Sustainability highlights

  • GRESB 'Green Star' classification no less than two years ahead of schedule
  • Implementation Green Leases started
  • Green Building Certificates: BREEAM design certificate (very good) Nieuwendijk 196 and two BREEAM in Use assessments (Goverwelle, Makado)
  • Web-based energy consumption monitoring and management started
  • Installation first charging station electric vehicles

Key facts

  • Enivironmental Management System: 65 smart meters installed
  • 79.1% awarded a green energy label (A, B or C label)
  • Average energy index improved to 1.03 from 1.14
  • Energy consumption fell by 13.8%
  • Tenant engagement: 149 units (55,000m2) received DUO label
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